Environmental Incident Search

Environmental Emergency Response Duty Officers complete an Incident Report into the Missouri Environmental Emergency Response Tracking System (MEERTS) on each incident reported on the 24-Hour Environmental Emergency Response Hotline or via fax from the National Response Center. Once the EER Incident Report is finalized, it is made available.

You can select more than one search criteria topic listed below and more than one choice per topic. For example, select “Cole County”, “Aircraft Accident” and “Confiscated Drug Lab Mat.”; then click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

You can have multiple selections for each topic by holding down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and selecting multiple selections in each topic. The more selections that are made, the more limited the number of records displayed that match your selection criteria. In some instances, no records matching your selection criteria may be found.

To clear the individual selections, press “Clear” for each topic. To reset the entire form, select “Clear Form” at the bottom of the page.

Environmental Incident Summary Database  ZIP 21 MB (Last Modified: 6/19/2015)

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  Note:  Call In Date and Incident Date can differ and may produce different results. Incident Date is in many cases unknown; for those incidents Call In Date will be substituted during a search by Incident Date.