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This is a beta test online search of LIMS, DNR's Laboratory Information Management System -- where the agency keeps results of samples that the Environmental Services Program tests in its lab.

The data here is the same data used by DNR employees, searchable by various criteria. The data is uploaded to the Web each night, and during the week, is posted within 48 hours of the report being completed and released to the program that ordered the testing.

Each sample result may be part of a larger project or investigation that the Department has conducted. The Affiliation field provides the entity within the Department responsible for the sample. Each of these offices is available to respond to questions on any sample within their area and contact information is available in the sample detail section. Similarly, the Sample Event Type field explains the reason a sample was collected, while the Sample Type field provides further information on the nature of the material collected and analyzed. These can also be found in the Sample detail section and a definition of each of these types is in the Understanding the Results section.

In 2009, the ESP lab tested roughly 24,000 samples for about 336,000 compounds, chemicals or properties. What's included: Phase I of the project, completed in January 2010, includes all wastewater treatment, public drinking water and solid waste sampling done by the DNR lab from 2002 to present, except for those records involved in criminal investigations or which may be involved in environmental enforcement actions.

What's not included: The public side of LIMS is a multi-phase project. Phase II of the LIMS project involves posting of records from DNR's Hazardous Waste Management Program from 2002-present. We expect that work to be completed later in 2010. Also not included are samples that are not tested by DNR's lab, such as samples sent out to contract labs for tests unable to be completed in the DNR lab and samples that are submitted by third parties.

You can select more than one search criteria topic listed below and more than one choice per topic. For example, select “Boone County”, “Bromate” and “200.7 Metals - Dissolved”; then click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

To clear the individual selections, press “Clear” for each topic. To reset the entire form, select “Clear Form” at the bottom of the page.

Once you have received your results from your search, you can then click on an individual Sample Number in blue to see the detail information about the sample.

If you have feedback on our beta test of the LIMS platform, please email us at

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